Interior Design Services

Helping You is Our Goal!

At Interiors By Terrill, we are happy to manage your project, and coordinate the team working in your home. You do not need to sweat the details. I believe our job is to make the process as easy and pleasurable as possible. We will come to you with solutions to the issues that inevitably come up during a project. Here are some of our areas of expertise!

New Construction and Remodeling Consultation:

The process of building a new home and remodeling an existing one involves many decisions. Our job is to take some of the pressure off you so you can enjoy the process, and the end result. We can help you with your project from the blue print design stage to the final decorating details. We work hard at keeping up on the latest trends in products and where you can get the best bang for your buck! We will help you come up with a cohesive design plan that will make your house flow from room to room. The right style, the right color, the right size, and the right feel is important to you. We understand that! We work with trades-people in the industry and can make recommendations to you. With our experience in the field, I have built relationships with quality contractors, remodelers, painters, faux finishers, flooring installers, wallpaper installers, tile layers, upholsterers, cabinet makers, and electricians. If you are looking for help with a new Kitchen design, sun room, family room, bath design, or any type of redo, let Interiors by Terrill help you get the space you are looking for. Whether you need help with a Kitchen “facelift” or a “to the studs remodel”, We have the experience and project management skills to make your dreams a reality.

Space Planning:

Space planning involves looking at the space you have and making adjustments so it works the best for you. Your space has to be “in balance” for you to have a good feeling for you. A well planned space also creates good flow and movement from room to room. Whether you are incorporating cherished family pieces, mixing it all up with some new, or starting from scratch, space planning with Interiors By Terrill gives you a plan of action – and allows your space to be balanced and presentable for all your friends and family!

Finish Selections/ Color Consultations:

The finishes in your home are considered the make-up and the jewelry. Some things need to work hard and look good. Some things just need to look good. I keep up with the current trends and products in the industry. Selecting the finishes for the surfaces in your home is a balancing act of creating consistency, flow and character throughout the home. Interiors By Terrill can help you manage that balancing act – and keep the budget in tact!

The Final Details:

Have all the furniture you need, but it still doesn’t feel like home? Let our trained eyes find just the right pieces to finish your room. These can include: rugs, lamps, florals, accessories, and wall art. Re-Upholstering a treasured piece of furniture, or just want to decrease your carbon footprint? Re-Upholstering is a great way to go. Interiors By Terrill has thousands of fabrics to choose from. I can help you coordinate and update your look.

Interior Design Services – Here is how our Interior Design Program Works!

  • Me, or one of my Professional design Team, will make an initial visit to your home or workplace. On that first visit we will talk with you about what your design needs are. You know…what are you thinking! We will ask you how you want the space to “feel”, look and function. We will take necessary measurements and inventory of items you wish to use/keep. Then we go back to the studio and come up with a design concept. We will meet again at the studio to go over ideas. This is where the collaboration really starts. We need your feedback to make the space your own. It is very important to us that when we are done with your project, you are happy and tell your friends!
  • We do ask clients to look at magazines to select pictures of things they like and don’t like. While you may not see any rhyme or reason to your selections, it gets you to think about your likes and dislikes. And, it helps us because we can see a pattern to your taste, color and style.
  • Think about a realistic budget for your project. We work very well within reasonable budgets!
  • Prepare to have fun and enjoy the design process! We help you wade through the myriad of thousands of choices, so we only look at things that meet your needs, style and budget!
  • We have a flat hourly rate that we charge for time that we are together and for design research/concept time. We don’t charge for the design time if you purchase the recommended items through us!
  • The products that we specify for your project typically can be purchased through us. You will find our product pricing is very competitive and reasonable!
  • If we shop for you in a retail store or on-line, we charge an hourly rate for the “shopping” time.
  • We charge a different hourly rate for any drafting that may be involved in your project (floor plans, lighting plans, etc).
  • Some clients prefer a fixed fee for consulting on a project. We have a pricing structure for that scenario that is based on the scope of the project.
  • All Projects are individually conceived to reflect the needs of each client. Our finished interiors are known for clean, elegant details with an emphasis on color, form, function, balance, texture, and embrace both the architectural and decorative elements of a space.